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Sleat Renewables

Sleat Renewables Ltd (SRL) is a subsidiary company of Sleat Community Trust. It deals with the renewable energy activities of the Trust and manages a wide variety of projects.

  • The Clean Sleat Project –  In 2009 SRL were awarded £99,000 by the Climate Challenge Fund to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the peninsula by around 6% over two years.
  • Woodfuel – In 2009 Sabhal Mòr Ostaig installed a woodchip boiler in its carpark, to supply the buildings with hot water and heating – this accounts for the delicious smell of wood smoke in the area!
    SRL supplies woodchip to SMO, and other customers, from logs harvested in our own community forest at Tormore.
  • Domestic Firewood – SRL also supplies split logs for firewood to households throughout Sleat. Sleat Bike Week The annual bike week is a great success, encouraging more adults and children to cycle safely in Sleat.


01471 844776