Sleat Renewables Ltd (SRL)

SRL is a subsidiary company of Sleat Community Trust. It deals with the renewable energy activities of the Trust and mananges a wide variety of projects.

The Clean Sleat Project
In 2009 SRL were awarded £99,000 by the Climate Challenge Fund to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the peninsula by around 6% over two years.

Particular projects include:-
Rotovator - to encourage more vegetable growing
Garden Shredder - for garden mulch and compost

General Purpose - 750 kgs trailer



Community Turbine
SRL is investigating the possiblity of a (900KW) community-owned wind turbine on A' Mhaoile, the hill next the main road at the north end of Sleat. The July 2010 average wind was 8.3 m/s. This made it the windiest complete month of the year since the anemometer went up in January and raised the overall wind speed average to 7.3 m/s. If this project succeeds it will take several years to complete, but will then bring in substantial income for the benefit of the Sleat community.

Biomass - Woodchips
in 2009 Sabhal Mòr Ostaig installed a woodchip boiler in its carpark, to supply the buildings with hot water and heating - this accounts for the delicious smell of wood smoke in the area! SRL supplies woodchip to SMO, and other customers, from logs harvested in our own community forest at Tormore. 


Sleat Bike Week
The annual bike week is a great success, encouraging more adults and children to cycle safely in Sleat.





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