Sleat Renewables Ltd (SRL)

is the subsidiary company of Sleat Community Trust. It deals with the Renewable Energy activities of the Trust and mananges a wide variety of projects

The Clean Sleat
In 2009 SRL were awarded £99,000 by the Climate Challenge Fund to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the peninsula by around 6% over two years.

particular projects include:-

Rotovator - to encourage more vegetable growing
Garden Shredder - for garden mulch and compost

General Purpose 750 kgs trailer



Community Turbine
SRL is investigating the possiblity of a (900KW) community-owned wind turbine on A'Mhaoile, the hill next the main road at the north end of Sleat. The July 2010 average wind was 8.3 m/s. This made it the windiest complete month of the year since the anemometer went up in January and raised the overall wind speed average to 7.3 m/s. If this project succeeds it will take several years to complete, but will then bring in substantial income for the benefit of the Sleat community.

Biomass - Woodchips
in 2009 Sabhal Mòr Ostaig installed a woodchip boiler in its carpark, to supply the buildings with hot water and heating - this accounts for the delicious smell of wood-smoke in the area! SRL purchased logs from the Ord Forest and every few months chips them and delivers them to the boiler. This will become a major part of the Tormore Forest development.


Sleat Bike Week
The annual bike week is a great success, encouraging more adults and children to cycle safely in Sleat.