Welcome to Sleat!

We have a special Visitors' website  www.visitsleat.org

and a Facebook page  www.facebook.com/SleatperfectlySkye

Tourism Development Group for local businesses :-

Any business in Sleat involved in the tourist industry can join Visit Sleat with an entry on the website and all accompanying printed material for £100.00 plus VAT, which includes a sum to help support the information services at Armadale Stores and at the Armadale Pier noticeboard. Website only entries for self-catering accommodation are available at a reduced fee of £50 plus VAT per year.

Contact  Rob Ware on 01471 855350


Visit Sleat Marketing Project

The project was funded 50% from Visit Scotland’s Growth Fund and is designed to raise the profile of Sleat as a destination to visitors outwith the island.

More than 57 Sleat businesses listed on the site have paid a very reasonable rate when one considers the cost of individual adverts. Subscribers to the project get an ongoing web presence but also benefit from :-
* the production of a high quality leaflet
* distribution of the leaflet to all TICs and tourist outlets across Highland region
* regular e-marketing via newsletter updates to visitors who subscribe to the site
* e-advertising through Visit Scotland's national and international mailing campaigns
* a presence for Sleat at visit Scotland Expo, Scotland's national tourism symposium
* free PR services via the press release to all the national travel press links to CalMac's marketing 
* lots of lobbying done on their behalf with statutory authorities and Visit Scotland to improve tourism infrastructure in Sleat and Skye