Membership of the Trust

As of Spring there are over 500 individual or group members of the Trust with over 40 people involved in the community groups. Membership of the Trust is open and free. To become a member ask for a form from the Trust using the contact details below. Names and contact details of the key individuals are shown below.

Sleat Community Trust 

  • Serena Smart
  • Polly MacInnes
  • Peter Roberts
  • Archie MacCalman (Chair)
  • Eileen Armstrong
  • Hans Petri (Vice - Chair)
  • Henrik Micski
  • Dòmhnall Angaidh MacLennan
  • John Duncan MacInnes (co-opted from SCC)


  • Sleat Renewables Limited
  • Henrik Micski (Chair)
  • Alan Drever
  • Kat Lenz
  • Garry Noakes (Vice -Chair)
  • Calum MacEachern
  • Archie MacCalman
  • Polly MacInnes
  • Chris Pendlebury
  • Tim Godfrey

Sleat Community Trading Limited

  • Serena Smart (Chair)
  • Jane McDermott
  • Tricia Petri
  • Ruud van Ruitenbeek
  • Sarah MacDonald
  • Eileen Armstrong


  • Peter Roberts (Chair)
  • David Ashford
  • Roger Cottis
  • Tim Godfrey
  • Alan Drever

Tourism - Visit Sleat

  • Serena Smart
  • Rob Ware (Chair)


The Sleat Community Trust Office

  • General Enquiries  office@sleat.org.uk 
  • Emma Micski (Broadband Development Officer) Skyenet emma@sleat.org.uk
  • Eleanor Jones (Administrator) eleanor@sleat.org.uk
  • Mike Shucksmith (Business Development Officer) mike@sleat.org.uk

01471 844773 or 01471 844249 (Shop)

Trust Office, Armadale, Sleat, Isle of Skye, IV45 8RS


MacGillivray Motors, Armadale Garage

  • Alistair MacGillivray (Owner/Operator)  01471 844361