A Brief History

Sleat - the southern peninsula of the Isle of Skye - has for over 30 years, been one of the fastest growing rural areas of Scotland. Within its boundaries are two pioneering estates; Scotland’s Gaelic College at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig; a major visitor centre at Clan Donald Skye, Armadale. These support, and are supported by, a vibrant community.

The Trust was created in 2004. This was not, like some other well-known community trusts on the west coast, a result of land-ownership issues, but because a local estate and crofter-led  wind-farm was going to lead to substantial financial benefits for the area and a local body was needed to oversee the distribution.

That project never got off the ground, but the community, long-used to being merely re-active, found its collective voice and very soon Sleat Community Trust had a life of its own.

The Trust set out to create a Sustainable Sleat through projects which would enhance the lives of people living here, retain necessary services in Sleat, develop all our aspirations while maintaining a high quality of the environment.

SCT laid out simple ground-rules: look at all sustainable ideas; keep the community informed, and aim for excellence.

The results are impressive :-
* Over 70% of the community are members, supporting a wide variety of projects.
* Over 40 people are actively involved.
* The community shows its support when requested.
* Projects in carbon reduction, recycling, bicycling, fuel sales, post office, garage, bat protection, mink removal, susidised taxis, community gardens, vegetable growing, community forest and lots more.

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